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MUMGÉP offers high-quality easy-to-operate attachable graders and compactors to agricultural and forestry companies and municipalities for the purposes of repairing agricultural dirt roads and macadam roads, spreading of materials, berm trimming and snow removal.

It is our strong belief that our technological system contributes to the dissemination of the methods of alternative eco-friendly road construction!

In a unique way, you can even order custom-made machines from us, i.e. we undertake individual machine designing within a certain framework.

The product line MUMGÉP, consisting of the graders FG100, FG200, FG300 and the compactor FLV100 , is the result of a development cooperation between the company Magyar Út- és Mezőgépgyár and the Foundation for Modern Technologies in Gödöllő.

In this process, we emphasised the construction experience of several decades and the selection of high-quality materials, and our purpose was to create long-lasting easy-to-operate implements that require little maintenance and work according to simple principles. These machines are excellently suitable for the reconstruction of the profile of neglected macadam roads bound by soil and water, for the trimming of the adherent berms, and for the spreading of soil, construction materials or snow.

The graders can be controlled either through the external pairs of valves or by an electro-hydraulic system. The plate vibrator can be attached either to the front or to the rear 3-point hitch of the tractor. It is driven by the hydraulic pump of the tractor.

The operating principle of the graders:

The hydraulic system of the 3-point linkage is set to floating during grading. The floating mode and the rear support wheels - which define the processing depth of the finishing plate and always run behind the plate on the finished surface - ensure that the implement does not follow the irregular movement of the tractor on a road full of pot-holes and ruts, and an even road surface is produced as opposed to draw-plates and some adapter graders. This is the so-called automatic follow-up of the ground.

With our MUMGÉP graders, you can perform all work processes just like with self-propelled graders, but at a much lower price - this can be a really cost-effective decision!

The MUMGÉP plate vibrator can compact the graded roads and spaces excellently.


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